12 Best DIY Projects with Twigs, Sticks and Branches

Twigs and tree branches are a great material for small DIY projects that anyone can make. From them you can make table, wall art, coat rack and many other wonderful things.

You can gather them on streets, or you can buy artificial ones in such stores as IKEA. So, take a look at these 12 creative ideas with twigs, sticks and branches we have collected and bring the natural element to your home decor. We hope you find something fun to do from this list!

1. Make the prettiest pots with twigs and upcycled containers

It makes those flowers look even more fresh and pretty.

Full Tutorial: ninimakes.typepad.com

2. Use twigs and paint to create colorful decor for your home

Full Tutorial: growcreative.blogspot.com

3. Make easy, fast branches photo holder

Full Tutorial: journeycreativity.blogspot.gr

4. Create a stylish coat rack

You need just some branches, paint, and a few tools. Full Tutorial: gardentherapy.ca




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