How creating ornamental product and accessories for your home with wood cases ?Especially you’ll do what you would like terribly cheaply.Use your recent wood chests and your imagination for this.We ready stunning and artistic wood models for you.Here you’ll apply your favorite models to your house.

Let’s examine it together
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12 Amazing Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas

1. Crate Side Table

Crate Side Table

combine of previous wood crate, you’ll be able to create a table with a few of screws.

2. Crate Ottoman

Crate Ottoman

You can even make a bookcase from the safe.

3. Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table

Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table

4. Wood Crate Shoe Bench

Wood Crate Shoe Bench

This shoe bench will assist you on your thanks to keep your corridor neat and arranged.

5. Wood Crate Coffee Table and Stool Set

Wood Crate Coffee Table and Stool Set

You can build a coffee table from the crates.

6. Wood Crate Desk

Wood Crate Desk


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