One of the big pleasures of summer for me is vegetable gardening.  I love to walk around and look at the way the plants are producing and to come back into the house with a basket full of vegetables. I also love creative gardening ideas. They make the task of gardening fun.  These 14 clever vegetable garden hacks are creative, fun and easy to put in to practice.

These 14 clever vegetable garden hacks will make your gardening chores much easier.

These Vegetable Garden Hacks will Make your Life Easier.

Some vegetable garden tasks are easy and some require a bit more work.  These 14 vegetable garden hacks will make lighter work of all your garden chores.Make your own vegetable seed tapeSmall seeds can be difficult to sow correctly. You can buy seed tape from many retailers, but making it yourself is really quite easy.  All you need is some toilet paper and fine seeds.  See how to do it here.

Rotisserie chicken trays make great seed starting terrariumsRotisserie chicken containers make wonderful trays for seedlings that need moisture as they start to grow. See how I use mine.

Baking soda helps to make sweeter tomatoesEveryone loves sweet garden tomatoes.  Make yours even sweeter with a sprinkling of baking soda near your plants.

grow cucumbers up instead of out.Do you want to protect your cucumber plants from soil borne pests and save space in your garden? Try growing your cucumbers up instead of out.

instant compostDo you like the idea of adding compost but don’t have space for a compost pile?  Turn your old fast food bags into on the spot composting by adding kitchen scraps and burying them near your plants.

14 Vegetable Garden Hacks

Vegetable Gardening does not have to be back breaking or expensive.  There are lots of ways to save money and time.

use coffee grounds in the gardenDo you grow acid loving plants like raspberries, blueberries and citrus fruits? Try adding your used coffee grounds to the soil near them to add some extra acid to the soil. (Camellias, hydrangeas and roses love this too!)

Natural weed killerAll gardeners know that keeping on top of weeds is one of the biggest vegetable garden chores.  Don’t reach for the round up though.  Kill weeds naturally with this organic garden weed killer.

Make your own hummingbird nectarI love the sight of hummingbirds flittering around in the garden.  Hummingbird nectar is very easy to make too.  And it keeps well in the fridge.

DIY miracle growVegetable garden plants can need some extra nourishment.  Miracle grow is often used by many gardeners. (affiliate link)  Did you know you can also make your own Miracle grow fertilizer ?  It is easy with this recipe.

snip side shoots for healthier tomato plantsIf you want your tomato plants to be strong and healthy, snip of the side shoots that form.  See many more tomato growing tips here.

soda bottle drip feederMost vegetable love to be watered near the root area.  My most popular tip on the blog is this DIY soda bottle drip feeder project.

How to ripen green tomatoes indoorsThe end of the vegetable growing season can mean a lot of green tomatoes.  Don’t waste them. See my tips for ripening green tomatoes indoors.

Save space by growing potatoes in a trash bagLove the idea of growing potatoes but don’t have the space? Try growing potatoes in a large trash bag instead.

grow your vegetable garden on a deck.

This year, instead of growing my vegetables in a large garden plot, I planted everything in large containers on my deck. It make my summer gardening chores SO much easier.  See how I did it here.

What other vegetable garden hacks have you used to make your gardening chores easier?  Please leave your suggestions below.


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