6. Fire Pit

Fire Pit

One of the easier fire pit to make in your backyard, where you can keep warm, or make some delicious s’mores. (Tutorial: Must Add Fabric Softener)

7. Concrete Vase

Concrete Vase

Paint the concrete block and turn it into beautiful vase for your patio. (Tutorial: Design Improvised)

8. Cinder Block Garden

Cinder Block Garden

The holes in the cinder blocks are perfect for potted plants. (Tutorial: Createsie)

9. Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Bar

An awesome cinder block planter combined with a place to keep and serve your drinks and snacks. (Tutorial: Hunted Interior)

10. Patio Set

Patio Set

Create cheap, long-lasting outdoor patio furniture (seating, a coffee table and side table) out of cement blocks. (Tutorial: B. Organic)



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