6. Old Trampoline Frame Chicken Coop

Old Trampoline Frame Chicken Coop

The old trampoline is ideal for building a chicken coop, if you looking for a quick and easy DIY project. (Via: Imgur)

7. Bluegrass Coop

Bluegrass Coop

There’s lot to love about this chicken coop – well-built, secure, and looks nice too! (DIY instructions: Backyard Chickens)

8. Pretty and Functional Chicken Coop

Pretty and Functional Chicken Coop

Prettiest chicken coop I’ve ever seen! Chickens are going to become the most stylish ladies growing up in such a chic, frenchy, country palace! (DIY instructions: The Summery Umbrella)

9. Crib to Chicken Coop

Crib to Chicken Coop

Turn an old crib into a coop by covering it with chicken wire. (DIY instructions: Weed’em & Reap)

10. A Raised Chicken Coop

A Raised Chicken Coop

Designed like a shed may be just what you need. (DIY instructions: The Tangled Nest)



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