15 DIY Garden Swings You Can Make For Your Kids

Even if you have a small backyard you can still create a fun place for your kids. One of the best solutions to do it, is build them a DIY swing. Your children will fall in love with it and enjoy playing on it. Here you will find 15 DIY garden swing ideas to make your backyard more interesting and fun.

1. Rope Swing

Rope Swing

So simple and the kids will get lots of use out of it. Tutorial: Dukes and Duchesses

2. Dining Room Chair Tree Swing

Dining Room Chair Tree Swing

Remake a dining room chair into a tree swing and you couldn’t be more delighted with how it’ll turn out! Tutorial: The Simple Solution Mom

3. Colorful Tree Swing

colorful tree swing

Lighten up your backyard with this magical swing decorated with simple fabric strips! Tutorial: Sausage Jar

4. Tree Swing for Two

Tree Swing for Two

Consider this easy to make tree swing that fits two! Tutorial: Built by Kids

5. Modern Swing Set

Modern Swing Set

Make this modern A-frame swingset. Via Apartment Therapy

6. Adorable Wooden Swing Covered with Fabric

Adorable Wooden Swing Covered with Fabric

Get instructions on this swing with lots of easy to follow photos at Reese Dixon

7. Airplane Swing

Airplane Swing

I am in love with this! Get the details at Whitney’s Workshop

8. Sensory Swing Made from Plastic Bucket

Sensory Swing Made from Plastic Bucket

It’s amazing what you can make if you try! Get the details at Three Channels

9. Funny Horse and Saddle Swing

Funny Horse and Saddle Swing

More details and photos: A Spotted Pony

10. Tire Swing

Tire swing

Here is a relatively easy project that you can do in a couple of hours. Tutorial: Today’s Creative Life

11. Skateboard Swing

Skateboard Swing

This is fantastic, what a great up-cycle. Tutorial: Little Bit Funky

12. Barrell Swing

Barrell Swing

also a great as a little cradle. No instructions found.

13. Swing out of Plastic Fruit Box

Swing out of Plastic Fruit Box

Another awesome up-cycle project. Find out how to make it at Playtivities

14. Tire Twister Swing Made out of Tractor Tires

Tire twister swing made from tractor tires

How much fun is that? I would love to have something like that for my kids! More details: Stone Cottage Adventures

15. Cool Denim Swing for Kids

Cool denim swings for kids

This made me chuckle and smile! Get the tutorial at Lazy Hippie Mama




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