15 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Toilet paper holder is not the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom, but it is undeniably essential. Most people just put the toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two brackets on the wall.

To add a little more style to your bathroom, try to make your own toilet paper holder using the following ideas!

1. Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Great solution to keep extra rolls in your tiny bathroom! Full Tutorial: makeit-loveit.com

2. Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

Full Tutorial: kristimurphy.com

3. Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Full Tutorial: kristimurphy.com

4. Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

For a little boys dinosaur bathroom! Full Tutorial: thechicsite.com

5. Nautical Cleat as Toilet Roll Holder

Full Tutorial: remodelista.com


6. Toilet Roll Holder made from drift wood and old rope

Simply twist the wood round to remove old rolls and when it is all empty fill it up again! Via: pinterest.com

7. Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

You can use shelf for decorative accessories like a small plant, air freshener or extra t.p. etc.

Full Tutorial: diyshowoff.com

8. Toilet Paper Tree

It adapts at all temperatures and it doesn’t need water.

Source and more details: designrulz.com

9. Twig Toilet Role Holder

Image source: vrijdagvrij.blogspot.nl

10. Toilet Tissue Holder from a Drapery Holdback

Full Tutorial: ourfifthhouse.com

11. A Toilet Paper Holder made out of Hockey Sticks

Source: mancaveauthority.com

12. Clothes Hanger Toilet Paper Holder

All you need is a wire hanger. Full Tutorial: makingcooleystuff.blogspot.com

13. Concrete ‘Tissue holder’

Full Tutorial: instructables.com

14. Toilet Paper Holder made from driftwood, twine and two screws

Image source: flickr.com

15. Twig Toilet Paper Holder

Full Tutorial: peralehood.com




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