15 Genius Ideas To Keep Your Makeup Totally Organized

Are you a person who dumps all their makeup into one drawer? It’s high time to get your beauty products organized. Keeping all your makeup organized keeps your bathroom clutter free, and help you find the item you are looking for in no time.

Here are some great ideas that are perfect for every girl who is looking for some makeup organization and storage ideas without spending too much money.

1. Brush Organizer of Sushi Mat

Brush Organizer of Sushi Mat

Organize your makeup brushes by using simple sushi mat and a piece of elastic. It’s so handy for travel! (Tutorial: Irina’s Cute Box)

2. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board

Here is a nice idea where you can display all the types of makeup tools in just one single place. (Tutorial: Laura Thoughts)

3. More Than a Sunglass Case

More Than a Sunglass Case

Use a sunglass case to store your makeup brushes. It’s a great way to keep them clean! (Via Cosmopolitan)

4. Candle Jar Organizer

Repurpose Old Candle Jars into a Makeup Organizer

Repurpose old candle jars into a new makeup organizer! It will keep your accessories neat and tidy. (Tutorial: Lust For Lip Gloss)

5. Lipstick Holder

Lipstick Holder

Store your lipstick tubes in a handy holder made out of plexiglass and copper. (Tutorial: Hammer and Heels)

6. Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder

Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder

Here is a makeup tray made from a repurposed ice cube tray. Ideal for storing brushes, eyeliner and mascara. (Tutorial: Design Eat Repeat)

7. Roll-up Makeup Brush Case

Roll-up Makeup Brush Case

If you have some sewing skills, you can make this great roll-up makeup organizer in no time. It is super convenient to carry when traveling. (Tutorial: Sew4Home)

8. Makeup Palette

makeup palette

This project is perfect for those who have powders floating around. All you need to create this practical and inexpensive palette is just some paper and cardboards. (Tutorial: Pretty Little Details)

9. Cute Make Up Storage

Cute Make Up Storage

Here’s a cute way to reuse old shopping boxes as a new makeup storage. (Tutorial: Peachfizzz)

10. Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

Got some mason jars? Decorate them and attach to a wood board like this one and you have a beautiful storage for your makeup. (Tutorial: The DIY Playbook)




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