15 Gorgeous Hammock Projects That You Can Make Yourself

Lying in a hammock is a great way to relax, especially during the warm summer days. Despite the fact that they were at first used as bed for the poor, these days, people often use them for relaxation and leisure. Just with a few simple materials such as a sturdy canvas fabric and enough rope, you can create a wonderful, roomy hammock in no time and begin relaxing in it. In addition, you can customize it to your taste so that it suits your personality.

Here you will find some gorgeous hammock projects to get you started. Choose your best one, build it and lay back and enjoy!

1. Drop Cloth Hammock

Drop Cloth Hammock

Here is one which is very easy to make while the materials used for the hammock give it a cool look. Tutorial via Gardenista

2. Beach Towel Hammock

Beach Towel Hammock

Perfect for some summertime relaxing. Get the directions at Design Sponge

3. Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock

Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock

Geometric design holds better than a regular hammock weave, plus the sail rope adds a great touch of nautical contrast. Get the instructions at Design Milk

4. Hammock from Scratch

Hammock from Scratch

This overhand-knot hammock works attractively on the patio, out back or like a camp bed alternative. See the directions at Kinfolk

5. Lazy Day Hammock

Lazy Day Hammock

I want to be reading a book in this hammock today! Get the instructions at Camille Styles


15 Gorgeous Hammock Projects That You Can Make Yourself

6. Faux Fur Hammock

Faux Fur Hammock

It could be made from different soft and warm materials, that will offer you coziness and warmth too. Tutorial via The Aestate

7. Hammock Made of Fabric

Hammock Made of Fabric

Outside Mom has great instructions to make hammock using fabric, some rope and a sewing machine! More details here

8. EASY Backyard Hammock

EASY Backyard Hammock

Imagine how neat would it be to have a nice hammock at your backyard, where you can enjoy a few relaxing hours, listening to the nature. Directions at Miss Lovie Creations

9. Tablecloth Hammock

Tablecloth Hammock

If you have a spare old table cloth it can now serve you as a trendy hammock in your backyard. Get the instructions at Outdoor Trail Gear

10. Tie Dyed Hammock

Tie Dyed Hammock

How about tie dyeing the cloth before using it to make the hammock? Get the instructions at Morena’s Corner

15 Gorgeous Hammock Projects That You Can Make Yourself

11. Hammock Arbor

Hammock Arbor

A simple yet beautiful rope hammock. Directions at Amykayparnell

12. Rip Stop Nylon Hammock

Rip Stop Nylon Hammock

Hammock made from two sections of rip stop nylon sewed together.

Get the directions at Instructables

13. Cozy Hammock

cozy hammock

Cloth hammock with stylish rope ends. Tutorial at The Merrythought

14. Hammock Stand – Indoor & Outdoor

Hammock Stand - Indoor & Outdoor

You can enjoy lying in a hammock whenever and wherever you want to.

Directions – Instructables

15. Hammock by The Little Dog Blog


Check out the instructions here to see how simple it actually is!




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