Having a small yard doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful garden. There are numerous of ways that can help turn your small space into a large garden area with just a little effort and in most cases, with little money out of pocket. From ingenious vertical garden systems to hanging pots, we bring you the 15 creative space-saving gardening ideas that you can implement in your home.

15 Creative Space-Saving Gardening Ideas

1. Hanging Basket Garden

Hanging Basket Garden

Great use of space, would be perfect for a balcony. (Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess)

2. Repurposed Furniture Garden

Repurposed Furniture Garden

Create a gorgeous garden area with dresser that you are planning to throw out. Just place the plants in individual pots, and then use the drawers to hold them. (Full tutorial: Grizzly Bear Modern)

3. Hanging Gutter Garden

Hanging Gutter Garden

Make your own hanging herb garden out of rain gutter. You can use it either in your apartment or a patio. (Tutorial: The Biggest Much)

4. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

Create a small vertical garden using an old pallet. You just have to use zip ties to attach your pots to the pallets. (Full tutorial: Kelly Moore Bag)

5. Tiered Garden

Tiered Garden

If you only have minimal space for flowers make a flower tower that can dramatically enhance vertical space. (Tutorial: HubPages)



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