17 Creative Things to Do with Bandanas

Though bandanas are usually a staple to every cowboy and pirate they can be used for so much more. The classic patterned kerchiefs we all know and love have made their way into crafting, fashion or decoration. We can found them in just about every color imaginable and for just a dollar or so a piece, so you really can’t go wrong. Here are 17 creative and cool ideas what you can do with bandanas.

1. No Sew Bandana Sunglasses Case

No Sew Bandana Sunglasses Case

Great idea to protect your sunglasses. Tutorial at Hello Natural

2. Bandana Wall Art

Bandana Wall Art

Create wall art that looks like it is from Anthropologie, but costs less than $5!

Tutorial at Blitsy Crafts

3. Bandanna Quilt

Bandanna Quilt

Make a quilt from bandannas in just a few short hours!

Tutorial at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

4. Simple Flower out of a Bandana

Simple Flower out of a Bandana

This cute flower you can clip anywhere! Tutorial: Please Note Paper

5. Hairband Bandanna

Hairband Bandanna

Get the instructions at: Shannon Makes Stuff

6. Bandana Camera Strap

Bandana Camera Strap

Make your own cute bandana camera strap. Tutorial at One Good Thing by Jillee

7. No Sew Simple Bandana Bracelet

No Sew Simple Bandana Bracelet

I love these bracelets! They are so cute and super easy.

How-to: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

8. Bandana Apron

Bandana Apron

What a fun, quick and simple idea for a cooking party or birthday gift. Via: Crafts by Cori

9. No-Sew Bandanna-and-Jeans Tablecloth

No-Sew Bandanna-and-Jeans Tablecloth

If you have an old pair of jeans and some bandannas turn them into a patchwork quilt-inspired tablecloth. Tutorial at Instructables

10. Bandanna Napkins

bandanna napkins

Wrapped around silverware and tied with twine. Simple but effective.

Via: Two Shades of Pink

11. Bandana Bowl Covers

Bandana Bowl Covers

I’m always fiddling with plastic wrap that doesn’t stick or foil that tears – this is a MUCH better solution! Tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods

12. Bandanna Wreath

Bandanna Wreath

There are so many cute bandanas available now, you can make one for every month or holiday. Tutorial at Girl in the Garage

13. Girl’s Bandana Dress

Girl’s Bandana Dress

Older girls could use it as a top with jeans or leggings. Tutorial at Momtastic

14. Apple Pie Bandana Wrap

Apple Pie Bandana Wrap

Wrap up a very American apple pie and tie with a bandana. Via: Two Shades of Pink

15. Bandana Totes

Bandana Totes

They would also make fun goodie bags for a girls birthday party. Tutorial at Veryirie

16. Bandana Skirt

Bandana Skirt

Tutorial at Vanessa Christenson

17. Bandana Bunting

Bandana Bunting

This bandana bunting would be a great backdrop for a pool party or cookout too!

Tutorial at Crafts Unleashed




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