13. Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches

Make these tiki torches from glass bottles. Perfect backyard lighting and decoration for summertime. (Tutorial: Adventures in Making)

14. Glowing Outdoor Orbs

Glowing Outdoor Orbs

Create a high-end glowing orbs for just $3 and a moment of your time. (Tutorial: The Art of Doing Stuff)

15. Rustic Outdoor Chandelier

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier

Make your own outdoor chandelier with natural elements and lit by citronella candles. (Tutorial: Crafts Unleashed)

16. Grapevine Balls Lights

Grapevine Lighting Balls

Create unique lighting from grapevine, wire and beach balls! Simple DIY project for one of a kind lighting. (Tutorial: Lynneknowlton)

17. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Make your own outdoor tuna can lantern for just a few dollars using an old tuna can and glasses of various shapes & sizes. (Tutorial: In My Own Style)



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