6. Stuff Holder

Stuff Holder

Perfect for holding all sorts of goodies in a craft room. (Tutorial: A Very Dandoislion Life)

7. Old Drawers into Porch Planters

Old drawers into porch planters

Great idea for upcycling something boring into something useful and pretty! (Tutorial: My Love 2 Create)

8. Picture Frames from Old Drawers

picture frames from old drawers

Mount small drawers on the wall and tack a picture in each one using photo corners. (From: hgtv)

9. Dog Bed

dog bed

Use big drawer to make a bed for your dog. Make sure to put a mattress inside. (Tutorial: DIY Show Off)

10. Old Drawer Bookcase

Old drawer bookcase

Store your books in an old drawer bookcase. (From: Style Estate)



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