19 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Old Drawers

11. Old Drawer Shelf

Old Drawer Shelf

Hang the drawer on your wall using only a belt and you get a shelf. (Tutorial: Clones N Clowns)

12. Dollhouse out of Drawers

Dollhouse Out Of Drawers

This adorable dollhouse was made from two nightstand drawers. (Tutorial: Semiproper)

13. Self-Watering Planter

self-watering planter

Make this unique self-watering planter from 3 dresser drawers! (Tutorial: Instructables)

14. Two Drawers Repurposed into a “Basket”

Two Drawers Repurposed into a Basket

This is such a great idea! Looks wonderful and unique! (Tutorial: Salvaged Whimsy)

15. Drawers Into Wall Storage

Drawers into wall storage

Another great idea to hang these drawers on the wall to keep shoes from cluttering the floor! (Tutorial: The Douangphila)

I hope you know now what you do with your old drawer!


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