If you’re living in a very tiny flat, You should use each a part of the house.Like, below the steps.Actually, you’ll use these below the steps concepts for your massive house too.You will be shocked once you see the below the steps concepts.

Firstly, you’ll produce an area for your pet.

under the stair decor for your dog

under the stair decor for your pet

Or you can create work space

under the stair office

under the stair work space idea

work space idea under the stairs

If you wish to own a furniturehowever you can’t have it owing to there’s no area.You can produce your own library under the steps.

under the stair bookcase

Under the stair is an ideal place to form the amazing storage house.

hidden storage under the stairs

under the stair storage

Storage areas associatenice shelves below staircases are not any longer an exception as home house owners square measure beginning to understand that each one that area cannot merely be wasted

under the stairs shelves

Here is my favorite.. underneath the steps wardrobe  = ) It’s easy,useful and extremely artistic

under the stairs shoe storage

wardrobe idea for under the stair

under the stairs shoe cabinet idea



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