November 13, 2018
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Dunk: Fun Animal Shaped Lamps Made from Bottles

Dunk: Fun Animal Shaped Lamps Made from Bottles

There are indeed more than one ways to reuse and recycle objects. We have featured here DIY round ups that give us ideas on how to use old stuff or to up cycle them. I’m sure you did not miss our round up of DIY chandeliers and pendant lights. Today, we will show you a lamp that is made from materials that most of us would just throw away. Yes, we mentioned it in the title that bottles were turned into lamps.

But this isn’t just the ordinary lamps that we see in DIY blogs because this one is animal shaped and were given their own legs too. The animal shaped lamp is called Dunk which is the latest creation from Nishi Chauhan. It has the aim of reviving craft and repurposing objects. Come take a look at the lamps below.

Take a look at the animal forms that were added to the bottles to create the lamp.

Dunk Animal Bottle Lamps These are what comprised the animal lamp including and LED light.

Bottle Lamps And they come in various versions too. You can see that in the magazine in the picture.

Dunk Animal The bottles had added lighting on the bottom part to turn it into a lamp.

Dunk Lamps The wooden pieces shimmer from the lacquer used for its finish.

Bottle Lamps designs And here are the cleaned reclaimed bottles ready for production.

animal heads Bottle Lamps Variations and iterations of the animal heads that are attached to the bottles.

legs Bottle Lamps And these are the legs used for the lamp.

Dunk Animal Bottle Lamps Getting ready for assembly to create fun looking animal bottles!

The look fun, right? Well they have that subtle eclectic look of course but it would look great anywhere you decide to place it, even in your bathrooms! This is a design from Nishi Chauhan who had also worked on a previous line with farm animal designs involved. I could tell that the designer is both a art and animal lover!


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