January 19, 2019
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Fractal Furniture Fuses Craft, Math and Nature

Fractal Furniture Fuses Craft, Math and Nature

I guess you have already seen a furniture that was knitted and crocheted. It was indeed a unique type of seating especially that it shows the craft and talent of some people to be able to come up with an amazing furniture. I know you will agree with me that the idea is really impressive. But it doesn’t end there. There are other furniture too that are made from one’s craft, like what we are going to feature today.

The Fractal collection is comprised of a table, shelving system and an armchair. They meet between design, mathematics and nature. From the name itself, it is developed from the study of fractal geometry. But I wasn’t able to get information of what these furniture are made of and how they were made. But they do look like they were crocheted or knitted. See for yourself.

You can insert some items into the table because of its design.

Fractal Collection The table looks soft and beautiful and totally crafty.

geometry inspired furniture Even the design of the legs are gorgeous too and is obviously inspired by geometry.

stainless framing The stainless framing is another feature that make this collection stunning.

armchair design Just how this armchair is designed with some play of lines.

chair furniture This is the back part of the armchair.

Fractal Collection A closer look at the armchair with some knots in its material.

stainless material And how the stainless jives with the entire piece.

bookshelf This one is a bookshelf also with a fractal design.

After seeing the furniture above, I know you will agree with me that Nicole Tomazi is an amazing designer. She didn’t just created a fusion for design and craft and mathematics but even for function. What can you say about this collection? I know you are impressed too. But would you love to have these in your home?


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