I am all over this in a different color. I think I will fuse this in the kiln, a flat orange mix with reds and yellows and then slump it into the cup, epoxy on some jewels and add the chains! voila!

CRANBERRY GLASS I have this hanging in my dining room. My mom proudly gave it to me from her collection when she saw I had the perfect place for it.

Hanging Star Candleholders | The Lakeside Collection. Shaped like a 5-pointed star w/ glass panels on a metal frame. The center of each star opens to reveal a holder for your own tea light candle. A decorative design is etched on the glass, and the cand

FACARO – It takes true creativity and a strong imagination to transform an item into something else with a completely different function. And that’s exactly what artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga does to create her “CONNECT Series” of lighting fixtures. She

#white #lighting The big drapey lamp shades create a good affect in the room , I paticularly like the chains and the other patterns that are connected from the ceiling to thhe lamshades

Canopy mason jar chandelier is ideal over a dining table or kitchen island. All jars are separated by 2 large crafter’s rings. (Crafter’s rings are composite wood, not metal) Add rustic charm to any space. Rings slide in place w/hex nuts. hang by hooks,

Vintage chandelier made from a wood wine rack and 50 wine bottles with small tubular lights inside each bottle. Ideally hard-wired into ceiling; hangs from wrought iron chains.

 this was made from fine chains. recreate with one of the unique lamp shade skeletons i have. time consuming? certainly. fabulous? absolutely.

Practical hanging chain lamp that illuminates indoors and decorates them. It features a hanging green globe that is supported by metal chain cord in attractive gold finish. This globe features rose pattern on its surface.

A chandelier for the porch. Take a couple of those tacky little garden wire fence pieces, wire them together forming your circle, flip it upside down and attach some rope or rusty chain, then take a few glass insulators and attach them to the outside with


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