August 8, 2018
Home Pools Points to Consider in Designing a Totally Amusing Pool

Points to Consider in Designing a Totally Amusing Pool

Points to Consider in Designing a Totally Amusing Pool

Every one of us would like to have everything in our homes. We want the theater to be there, that is why we have entertainment rooms or we sometimes turn our living rooms into home theaters. We want delicious meals in our homes just like those from our favorite restaurants, that is why we make sure we cook the most mouth watering meals in the kitchen and serve it in an inviting dining room. Having everything in the house, gives us the reason to love home more especially if we have our own pools to dive in when we want to relax and exercise.

It would really be fun and fulfilling to have a pool in our own homes. It means that you are only steps away to amusement. You will surely feel like all your worries and stress are washed away when you get in the water every time you feel drained from all the day’s work. So, for sure, you would want to have a great pool design. To achieve that there are certain points you need to consider. Dive in and get to know these points!

1. Have a budget.

Have a budget You need to know your budget so that you could decide how big your pool could be. This includes the construction and other unexpected expenses that will arrive. Then, look for a contractor who can do the work for you with the design you like and the budget you have.

2. Choose your pool type.

Choose your pool type Based on your budget and style preference, choose the type of pool you want. You may have a concrete pool, fibreglass pool or vinyl liner pool. If we speak of the length of time in construction, concrete pools are constructed the longest time while fibreglass pools and vinyl-tile pools has short construction periods. Concrete pools can allow you to choose the design you like and can be finished with colored plaster, marble, ceramic tiles and glass bead. Fiberglass pools are specially made for your design consists of fibreglass shell and will just be brought in your area for installation. Vinyl-liner pools also allow you to have different designs for your pool wherein the vinyl lining has various colors and patterns.

3. Consider colors.

Consider colors If you think that color is no longer important in designing a pool, you are wrong. You still have to consider it in choosing your tile colors, your surfaces like bricks, accent tiles and even other accessories that you will include in the pool.

4. Choose a shape.

Choose a shape Traditional rectangle-style pool might look boring for you. So, you can choose the shape that appeals to you and fits your budget. You can also incorporate existing landscape and building features. You can use a rectangle-shaped pool if your area has angular shapes and you may use many curves in the shape of the pool if you would like to utilize your area without taking away anything that are existing.

5. Determine your space.

Determine your space It is important to consider your available space for pool construction. This will help you to determine your pool design and dimensions. This way, you do not have to redo your design or waste any materials that you have already bought. You should also designate a space for your hot tub, patio, deck and other structures that you would like to have.

6. Place pool accessories.

Place pool accessories After completing the design of your pool, you can now think of certain accessories you would like to use. You may want to places slides especially if there are children in your home. You can also add boulders and water features that will not only make your pool look good but will also make it more fun. You may also do some landscaping around the pool to make it look more appealing.

7. Add a water feature.

Add a water feature Bring the outdoors in by using water features. This is perfect when you cannot go out to swim since the sun is too brisk. You merely open your windows and you will feel the coldness of the air through water features. It also adds beauty to your pool. You can use a waterfall that tumbles into the pool, an urn pouring water into a basin, a tropical waterfall oasis, bubblers, spillway of stone, artistic statuaries, laminar jets and spring jets. Choose a water feature that suits your design and your budget.

8. Have good landscaping.

Have good landscaping You can bring nature by the pool through good landscaping. Use larges rocks or boulders on the sides of the pool giving it an effect of being a remote canyon. You can have some plants around them, too. You may also have a cabana from rustic logs. Be creative in landscaping to make your pool a truly happy place.

9. Put dramatic lighting.

Put dramatic lighting There are many pool lights that you can use. Choose in-ground pool lights, above ground pool lights, fiber optics, laminar fountain, spa lighting, lighted floating fountains, and others. You can place uplights under bushes and place spotlights to highlight focal points.

10. Consider your safety.

Consider your safety Of course, a well –designed pool is useless if it can create a safety hazard. If you have children at home, you should see to it that your pool is safe for them especially that they will be spending more time in the water. You can have a separate pool for kids and make it simple so that it won’t be slippery. Also, do not place decors in kid’s pool to avoid danger.

Having a great exterior and interior design for your home is already fulfilling but it would even be more satisfying if you have your own pool. Your pool will not only be a sanctuary for stress but will also be an added beauty. Your home will look more aesthetically great and pleasing for both family and friends. So, when you have decided to have a pool, try to consider the points above to make it more flourishing.


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