10 Cheap and Easy DIY Easter Decorations

If you are looking for DIY Easter decorations, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find some interesting decorations that you and your family can create and enjoy within your own home. They are quick and easy to make and won’t require any special tools or Martha Stewart skills. Let’s get crafty!

1. Paper Roll Bunnies

Paper Roll Bunnies

Use a paper towel roll to create an easter bunny. (Tutorial: Non Toy Gifts)

2. Paper Flowers

paper flowers

Make these cute little rosettes out of cardstock paper, hot glue, and floral picks. (Tutorial: The Sweetest Digs)

3. Sock Bunnies

sock bunnies

These little sock bunnies are so easy and cute! (Tutorial: A Creative Cookie)

4. Tea Light Eggshell Centerpiece

tea light eggshell centerpiece

Use discarded eggshells to make colorful tealights. (Tutorial: Little Inspiration)

5. Easter Egg Banner

easter egg banner

Make a simple Easter Egg Banner with book pages and colored paper. (Tutorial: Creations by Kara)


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