Lake house decor – canoe as a decorating item and lighting! Now that I will ever have a space to do this in but it’s absolutely worth

Repurposing and reusing when decorating not only saves money, but it add character and style to your home. I love doing unusual things at home like these decorating ideas with the use of antique and vintage boats.

Bedroom with antique boat decor in a Minimalist Yet Comfy House designed by French designer Bruno Raymond.

In the master bedroom of the Santa Monica Canyon home of designers Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy, a vintage rowboat hangs upside down from the ceiling.

Minimal decor with an old boat painted white in a hallaway of a unique house in Majorca.

Boat converted to swinging day bed  that hangs from the ceiling by  Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

Oregon Coast House.

An old boat hanged on your ceiling for an original decoration, you will impress your friends

Artistic converted church home of graphic designer/fine artist alyn carlson.

Colefax & Fowler decorator Philip Hooper constructed a whimsical rowboat-shaped teak-and-fiberglass tub surround for the children’s bathroom in a family’s Caribbean retreat.


Via Patina Green


Old boat upcycled into a wonderfull door frame!


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