Organizing all the stuff stored in your garage may be a frustrating or impossible, however with little effort it can be done.

Garage is something more than just a place for parking your car. Adding some storage to your garage area will help clear up space to get your car all the way inside, but it will also make your life a much easier. Imagine finding exactly what you are looking for when you are into the garage. Take some time and check out these 10 smart ideas for organizing your garage. You, your family and all that items will thank you for it!

10 Quick & Easy Tips For Keeping Your Garage Organized And Clutter Free

1. Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage

Build shelves that would be attached to the ceilings. That way you can store a lot of items without taking the floor space. Get the instructions at Alpharubicon

2. Organize Garden Tools with PVC

Organize Garden Tools with PVC

Smart and affordable storage idea that involves only a few pieces of PVC! Get the tutorial at Ashbee Design

3. Add Simple Pegs To The Wall

Add Simple Pegs To The Wall

Pegs are quite inexpensive so you can add them to the wall as many as you need. Get the instructions at Martha Stewart

4. Recycling Station

Recycling Station

Inexpensive plastic bins are great for recycling stuff. The addition of labels makes sure everybody knows where everything goes. Via

5. Pegboard Storage

Pegboard Storage

This pegboard can easily hold up to hundred things if used right. Modular, easy to install, easy to set up. Via The Creativity Exchange



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