6. Fence Made From Old Bottles

Fence Made From Old Bottles

This kind of fence is made of nothing more than wire and repurposed water bottles. (Photo via Park Expat Family)

7. Fence Of Colored Pencils

Fence Of Colored Pencils

If you want your fence to look cute and colorful you need to sharpen the peaks of the pillars and paint the top section in different colors. (Photo via Home Decoration World)

8. Fence Made From Bicycles

Fence made from Bicycles

What is a better use of old bicycles than to turn them into a beautiful garden fence? (Photo via I Bike Columbia)

9. Fence Made From Shoes

Fence Made From Shoes

Why waste your old shoes by throwing them into the trash when you could be using them to create a very creative fence! (Photo via Flickr)

10. Piano Fence

Piano Fence

You just have to paint the fence with white paint, and add the little black keys at the end. (Photo via 1decor)



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