14 Creative DIY Drawer Pulls You Can Make Yourself

If you are looking to make a simple upgrade to your house without dishing out a lot of money, drawer and cabinet pulls are a small and inexpensive change which will make a noticeable difference. Making your own drawer pulls is a nice way to personalize the furniture and it’s also a fun weekend project. We have gathered 14 creative DIY drawer pulls that not only look great, but will keep you well within your budget.

1. Leather Belt Drawer Pulls

Leather Belt Drawer Pulls

A quick and simple update for your dresser – drawer pulls made from a leather belt. Tutorial at Themerry Thought

2. Concrete Drawer Pulls

Concrete drawer pulls

Revive your old furniture with sturdy concrete drawer pulls. Tutorial at Everyday Dishes

3. Geode Drawer Pulls

Geode Drawer Pulls

I love geodes! what a great idea to add them as pulls! Tutorial at Woods of Bell Trees

4. Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Get the look of porcelain and ceramic drawer pulls with this affordable DIY!

Tutorial at Make and Fable

5. Marbled Pulls from Polymer Clay

Marbled Pulls from Polymer Clay

Make your own marbled pulls using old hardware and polymer clay!

Tutorial at Mad in Crafts

6. Rope Pull

Rope Pull

This pull is super easy to make and gives your furniture a rustic vibe. Via: Design Sponge

7. Crocheted Drawer Pulls

Crocheted drawer pulls

They are perfect for the bedroom because they make it feel comfortable and cozy.

Via: Sanna och Sania

8. Paintbrush Cabinet Handles

Paintbrush Cabinet Handles

This is a fun way to show everyone your crafty side. Tutorial at Road kill Rescue

9. Concrete Lightbulb Pulls

Concrete Lightbulb Pulls

Tutorial at Apenthus

10. Ruler Pulls

Ruler Pulls

Their length sure comes in handy for this particular use. Via: Better Homes and Gardens

11. Animals Drawer Pulls

Animals Drawer Pulls

Use some old dinosaur toys to make drawer pulls for the kids’ room furniture.

Tutorial at Apartment Therapy

12. Fabric Drawer Pulls

Fabric Drawer Pulls

How about some lovely fabric bows? Those are very pretty! Tutorial at Dear Emmeline

13. Fork and Spoon Cabinet Pulls

Fork and spoon cabinet pulls

Swap out your traditional cabinet drawer pulls in favor of vintage utensils. Via: Pinterest

14. Cork Drawer Knobs

Cork Drawer Knobs

Champagne corks are just the right size for a drawer pull. Tt’s classy yet eclectic.

Tutorial at Dllar Store Crafts





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