1. Cinder Block Bench

Cinder Block Bench

If you’re looking for cool ideas for garden furniture, this cinder block bench is just the thing you need. (Tutorial: Fab Everyday)

2. Concrete Block Stairs

Concrete Block Stairs

Need of a set of stairs for your back yard? Build some from concrete blocks. (Tutorial: The Figure 5)

3. Small & Cheap Cinder Block Grill

Small & Cheap Cinder Block Grill

Ideal for the preparation of some quick food. (Tutorial: Little Kitchen That Could)

4. Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden bed

You can also build raised beds with concrete blocks. It’s cheaper and more durable than using wood. (Via DragonFly Garden)

5. Cinder block Compost Bin

Cinder block Compost Bin

Making something like this is a great solution if you’re producing a lot of waste. (Via CaraCorey)



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