November 19, 2019
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15 Traditional Bathroom Vanities in Luxurious Classic Setting

15 Traditional Bathroom Vanities in Luxurious Classic Setting

Bathrooms won’t be complete without bathroom vanities. It would look empty and you will also lack a space for bathroom storage. But aside from storing bathroom stuff and toiletries, a bathroom vanity can also be a good addition to your bathroom’s decoration. Like other furniture, bathroom vanities were also designed depending on the interior type and style. So, today we will give you a list of traditional bathroom vanities in luxurious classic setting.

Instead of giving you merely pictures of these bathroom vanities, we opted to show it to you as they sit in bathrooms with luxurious classic touches. This way, you will be able to appreciate them more. We are excited to show you this list of traditional bathroom vanities! Why don’t you scroll down and take a look at what we have collected for you.

Bathroom Visualization

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Happy Irena

Your eyes will be drawn to the tub with roses but the vanity with marble top is also an eye candy.


light gray vanity

Italian Kitchen and Bath

Black is beautiful! The fixtures in it were given more spotlight including they light gray vanity because of the dark walls and flooring.

Custom Cabinetry

Luxurious Classic Setting

Ward Home Services

The brick wall accent looks good but let us look at its cabinetry with twin vanities.

Italian Bath

Wooden texture

Italian Kitchen and Bath

Wooden texture of this vanity was retained and was added with wrought iron details.

Classic Bathroom

Gold Bathroom

Happy Irena

Gold sure looks luxurious but paired with white, it looks fabulous!


Luxurious Classic Setting

Italian Kitchen and Bath

Mirrors with intricate framing of gold were used in this bathroom. Notice also the vanity below the rectangular mirror on the wall that has glass on the doors.

Children`s Bathroom

kids Bathroom

Olesya Kubiv

If this is the children’s bathroom, we wonder how sophisticated could the master bathroom be!

Villager Beauty

Traditional Bathroom Vanities


Traditional and country in style but it sure looks sophisticated with the lights in it and the simple bathroom vanity set.

Bathroom in Warm Tones of Beige


Svetlana Nezus

Beige is a common color for a bathroom. The brown wooden vanity just fitted in.


wall Patterns

Yanina Eliseeva

Patterns on the wall are very lovely. The white vanity was the perfect choice to pacify the look.

Blue Bathroom

white bathroom

Happy Irena

This white bathroom vanity with handles in gold sits perfectly in this blue bathroom.

Gray Bath

Luxurious Classic Setting

Happy Irena

Silver and gold went together for this vanity. They sure look stunning together.


luxurious bathroom

Italian Kitchen and Bath

If a luxurious bathroom is what you really aim for, these golden bathroom vanity and cabinets are the perfect choice.

Bath Classic


Happy Irena

The design of this vanity is beautiful especially with the gold trimmings and the mirror above it.

Bathroom Vanity Classic

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Happy Irena

This traditional vanity sits humbly in a corner but it looks stunningly dashing!

What can you say? These bathroom vanities are very lovely! Their designs are breathtaking which made the bathrooms look so stunning. No doubt, the owners of these spaces are so happy and proud to get their own piece of those fabulous bathroom vanities. Can’t get enough of traditional and classic touches? Why don’t you check our classic bathroom designs round-up? You will surely see more beautiful bathroom spaces.


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