Looking for some fun, simple and cheap solutions to organize your space? Mason Jars can help you with this. They make excellent tools for organizing. Storing stuff in Mason Jars are almost endless. Everything that will suit could be stored in these inexpensive glass containers. From the kitchen to the bathroom and craft room, here are 15 great ideas for keeping your home organized with Mason Jars.

15 Amazing Ideas For Organizing With Mason Jars

1. Glass Jar Spice Rack

Glass jar spice rack

Fill mini mason jars with spices, label them, and glue magnets to the lids. (From: Just Call Me Miss DIY)

2. Desk Organizer System

desk organizer system

Just turn the jars onto their sides and glue them together. (From: It’s Overflowing)

3. Organize Your Silverware

Organize Your Silverware

Great idea for those who don’t have lots of drawer space. (From: My Sweet Savannah)

4. Sewing Kit Organizer

sewing kit organizer

Use a mason jar to make this wonderful sewing kit organizer with a pincushion top. (Tutorial: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home)

5. Store Matches in a Mason Jar

store matches in a mason jar

Here’s cute idea to store matches in mason jar. So much cuter than the match box! (From: The Burlap Bag)



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