Not all of us live in big houses, so extra space is at a premium for many people. With these incredibly easy tips you will find solutions for creating more space in every room at your home! Don’t let the space limitation ruin your dreams, here you will find some great ways to comfortably settle into a little living space without breaking the bank.

1. Use The Space Under The Stairs

Use The Space Under The Stairs

Photo via Apartement Lifestyle

The space under your stairs has plenty of potential. You should try to utilize this space more reasonable.

2. Install Ceiling Shelves

Install ceiling shelves

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Add extra storage to any room of your home, building a simple ceiling shelf that can become a feature to store collections of things.

3. Small Space Dining

Small Space Dining

Photo via Houzz

No space for a dining room table? Place a console table behind the sofa in a living area.

4. Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving

Photo via A Beautiful Mess

Use corner space to the maximum. Install a corner shelving system to create extra storage space for your stuff. Get the instructions here

5. Space-Saving Floating Desk

Space-Saving Floating Desk

Photo via Design Sponge

Create this simple but fabulous floating desk with just a few boards. It’s a modern solution, which allows you to free up some floor space. Get the instructions here



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