11. Portable Window Cold Frame

Portable Window Cold Frame

Portable cold frames are ideal for protecting germinating seeds or seedlings. (DIY instructions: For The Love of Lillian)

12. Create a Greenhouse out of a Trampoline

Create a Greenhouse out of a Trampoline

If you have an old trampoline your kids are no longer using, turn it into a greenhouse! (DIY instructions: How Does She)

13. Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse

Make a mini greenhouse that will work on individual garden beds and protect the plants from frost. (DIY instructions: One Hundred Dollars a Month)

14. Little Window Greenhouse

little window greenhouse

Another great idea of reusing old windows. Very fun garden addition, and useful in the winter! (DIY instructions: Crafts a la Mode)

15. Basic Wooden Box Greenhouse

Basic Wooden Box Greenhouse

Here’s a great looking greenhouse that you can build in one weekend. (DIY instructions: Ecofriend)



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