16 DIY Copper Pipe Projects For Home Décor

5. Copper PVC Wall Planter

Copper PVC Wall Planter

This wall planter project isn’t only functional but makes for a terrific conversation piece, and has the design of a modern art installation. Tutorial: Craftbits

6. Hanging Copper Vases

Hanging Copper Vases

Hang tiny vases from a copper pipe for a gorgeous flower backdrop! Tutorial: A Joyful Riot

7. Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

Create an eye-catching jewelry stand from plumber’s copper pipes and fittings to organize and neatly display your favorite pieces of jewelry. Tutorial: eHow

8. Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Unique and Industrial copper pipe clock to adorn your wall! Tutorial: Dwelling in Happiness




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