Water features are the dream of many a home owner because they are beautiful as well as calming and peaceful. Water features are a perfect way to add interest and charm to the boring yard or garden, and transform it into something that is absolutely gorgeous and elegant.

15 Stunning DIY Water Features to Adorn Your Garden

You probably think that getting a water feature for your garden would be pretty pricey, but it doesn’t have to be, because there is the option of creating it yourself. Whether you’re a DIY expert or you’re a bit of beginner, this list of 15 DIY water features has something for everyone.

1. Watering Can Fountain

Watering Can Fountain

Create a small water feature to display outside of your back porch using your old watering cans and pails. (DIY instructions: Dawnmarie100)

2. Bamboo Water Feature

bamboo water feature

Here is a simple yet elegant way to add a soothing waterfall to your backyard. (DIY instructions: Saf Affect)

3. Recycled Tires Pond

Recycled Tires Pond

Old tires are difficult to get rid of, but here is a great project to turn them into something useful and beautiful for your outdoor area. (DIY instructions: The Owner-Builder Network)

4. Water Wall

Water Wall

Turn two panes of tempered glass into a water wall feature for your outdoor living space! This will cost you around $250 to $300 (DIY instructions: The Interior Frugalista)

5. Bubble Fountain in a Pot

Bubble Fountain in a Pot

This soothing creation add a real character and atmosphere to your garden. (DIY instructions: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)



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