Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big bedroom space. If you are one of those who are living in a tiny bedroom and you’re looking for ways to open up your limited space, then this post is for you.

15 Tiny Bedroom Hacks To Maximize Your Space

When the room is super small, organizing it can seem impossible, but with a few clever hacks it can be done. Here is a great list of best tips and tricks for small bedrooms that will help you to use every inch of space to the max.

1. PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack

PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack

Make this simple rack out of PVC pipe to open up usable space behind your door. It doesn’t have to be only for towels You can also hang other things. (Tutorial: Instructables)

2. Desk As A Bedside Table

Desk As A Bedside Table

Instead of trying to fit a desk and nightstand together in your bedroom, you can use a small table to serve as a desk and nightstand. (Via Apartment Therapy)

3. Corner Closet

Corner Closet

Don’t forget about using room corner space. For example, hang a rod. (Tutorial: Mint Love Social Club)

4. Under The Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage

Here is a great organizer that stores all of your clothes nice and neatly in a convenient spot under your bed! (Tutorial: DIY Fun Ideas)

5. Over-the-door Shelf

Over-the-door Shelf

Install a shelf above a door to get extra storage space for small things like books, magazines and anything else. (Tutorial: Home Depot)



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