11. Bedside Organizer

Bedside Organizer

Bedside organizer can hold a bunch of stuff without taking up valuable space. (Get it here)

12. Floating Corner Shelves

Floating Corner Shelves

Corner shelves save on space while still giving you room to store different stuff. (Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess)

13. Catch-all Shelf

Catch-all Shelf

Turn a magazine holder into two little shelves in a tight space! (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

14. Ceiling Shelves

Ceiling Shelves

For more storage space in your small bedroom, install some shelves around the top of the walls. (Via Apartment Therapy)

15. Shelves Behind Your Bed

Shelves Behind Your Bed

Place shelves above your bed. This will create a impressive look whilst also offering extra storage space.



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