15 Fantastic Ideas For Decorating Your Garden Fence

Are you looking for some creative ways to spruce up your garden or yard without breaking the bank? In today’s article we will show you some amazing ideas for adding creative touches to your garden fence.

Garden fence takes a big space in the garden, so it’s important to decorate it. Because if the fence is boring then your whole garden will be boring. We found wonderful examples that will help you to do something creative in your garden. Just look at the following ideas..


1. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Use thrift store picture frames and up-cycled cans as planters to add a pop of color to your fence. Via Five Painted Lane

2. Tin Can Fence Garden

Tin Can Fence Garden

Or use only cans painted in your favourite color to decorate your fence. Get the tutorial at Ciera Design

3. Magic Fence with Marbles

Magic Fence with marbles

That is a very unique way to dress up a very plain wood fence. Place marbles in to holes in a fence for a sparkling light show when the sun hits the color. Via The Wool Acorn

4. Silver Trays

Silver Trays

Silver trays can make for fantastic outdoor decoration. They will look amazing, complementing any surroundings. Via Jennifer Rizzo

5. Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights

It’s incredible what a pack of fairy lights can do! Ideal for subtly illuminating your outdoor space. Via Flickr



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