Would you love to make a hanging garden with nice planters, but you don’t know how to start? – You are in the right place to find the answer. Hanging planters work both indoors and out, and are a great way to use ceiling and wall space, that might otherwise go unused. Making your own DIY hanging planters is not hard and could enhance the beauty of your home and garden by giving you a unique container. Here are 15 absolutely lovely ideas how to create your own hanging planters. Enjoy!

15 Gorgeous DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Beautify Your Home

1. Leather and Clay Hanging Planters

leather and clay hanging planters

Make these beautiful scandinavian inspired hanging planters using just clay and leather cord! (Tutorial: Burkatron)

2. Mini Planters

Mini Planters

These cute and colorful planters are a quick way to brighten up any dull corners in your home. (Tutorial: Frankie)

3. Recycled Hanging Planter Made out of an Old Milk Carton

Recycled Hanging Planter Made out of an Old Milk Carton

Create your earth-friendly hanging garden! All you need is old milk/juice carton, some rope, duct tape and some scraps of canvas material. (Full tutorial: Oh So Very Pretty)

4. Hanging Copper Planter

Hanging Copper Planter

I love the simple shape. It’s a low-maintenance update for a home that brings light and color. (Tutorial: Style Me Pretty)

5. Tiered Hanging Pots

tiered hanging pots

To build this beautiful planter you will need a bit of scrap wood, some rope and a few basic woodworking tools. This would make a great hanging herb garden in the kitchen! (Full tutorial: Design Sponge)



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