19 Cool DIY Drink Coasters

Good coasters are necessary – they protect your furniture from damage and give your coffee or dining room table a nice splash of color. But instead of going and buying a set, consider making some of your own that will suit you and the personality of your home. There are thousands of ideas for DIY roller coasters on the internet, so we’ve selected some of our favorites to share with you. There are thousands of ideas for DIY coasters on the internet, so we’ve selected some of our favorites to share with you. With clay, cork or felt, they are all simple enough to work with minimal materials on a rainy afternoon. Take a look at it and let us know what you want to try! With over 19 of these gems from a number of thrifty and talented makers, we wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to make three, or four…or all 19 for that matter!Get ready, because it’s time to draw inspiration from the most creative and smartest you’ve ever seen …Watermarks on your tables, thankfully, save the day by taking our drinks off the table and looking good. Even better. I’m still discussing some of the ideas listed here, so in the comment section you need to tell me which one you’re most interested in. K? K!You’ll see I’ve shared the coasters for stuff for your convenience … and as you browse through them, do not forget to click through Pinna’s original source!
Stained Wood Coasters

1. Stained Wood Coasters from Delicious and DIY

Lemon Slice Coasters

2. Lemon Slice Coasters from Jennifer Perkins

marble hexagon coasters

3. Marble Hexagon Coasters from Coastal Bride

Photo Mason Jar Lid Coasters

4. Photo Mason Jar Lid Coasters from Something Turquoise

Pom Pom Coasters

5. DIY Pom Pom Coasters from Dimples and Tangles

chalkboard style slate coasters

6. Chalkboard Style Slate Coasters from Personally Andrea

colorful felt bird coasters

7. Colorful Felt Bird Coasters from Think Crafts

Tart Tin Coasters

8. Tart Tin Coasters from Grillo Designs

pipe cleaners snowflake coasters

9. Pipe Cleaners Snowflake Coasters from Sugar and Charm

Wine Cork Coasters

10. Wine Cork Coasters from Antonpug

Mini Pallet Coasters

11. Mini Pallet Coasters from The DIY Life

Rolled-Jean Coasters

12. Rolled-Jean Coasters from My Recycled Bags

Bike Chain Coasters

13. Bike Chain Coasters from iLoveToCreate

Scrabble coasters

14. Scrabble Coasters from Intimate Weddings

button coasters

15. Button Coasters from Morning Creativity

watermelon coasters

16. DIY Sliced Watermelon Coasters from Kittenhood

egg coasters

17. Egg Coasters from Paint the Gown Red

bead coasters

18. Cord & Bead Coasters from The Homesteady

Patriotic glass pebble coasters

19. Patriotic Glass Pebble Coasters from Craft Shack Chronicles

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