19 Lovely Mosaic Projects For Your Garden

13. Gazing Ball

Gazing Ball

Take an old bowling ball and cover it with mosaic material. A gorgeous gazing ball like this one here, add sparkle to your garden. (Photo via Flickr)

14. Mosaic Fire Pit

mosaic fire pit

This fire pit is perfect for relaxing in your garden. I love the mix of rock, glass, shells, pottery and shiny things. (Photo via Flickr)

15. Garden Tools with Mosaic

Garden Tools with Mosaic

Decorate your old tools in mosaic and use them to adorn your garden fence. (Photo via Sjarmerende Gjenbruk)

16. Mosaic Shoe Planters

Mosaic Shoe Planters

Replace boring pots with these magical shoe planters. (Found on Pinterest)

17. Mosaic Chair

mosaic chair

This mosaic chair looks awesome, but is an advanced project. It requires a little more work than the previous ideas. To find out more about this project, visit: Waschbear


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