February 23, 2020
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20 Flat Screen TV Furniture in the Dining Room

20 Flat Screen TV Furniture in the Dining Room

Flat screen televisions may not be the latest in television technology, but getting one or two for your homes is a big deal for the family. In the dawn of slim furniture, cellular phones and even in shoes – having a slim TV at home will not only make the kids happy, but even the guys who will be buying them!

Today, we have a list of dining rooms with flat screen TVs that complement and blend well with the spaces we have below. Spaces range from traditional to transitional spaces, contemporary to even modern ones -check out the furniture or walls which the TVs are attached to and imagine if the ones in their positions are the thick and huge TVs! Haha! Check out the list below.

1. Boutique Mews House, London

Boutique MewsImage: Zephyr Interiors

The lighting in this dining room is nice in different areas – it sure is wonderfully planned and organized.

2. Chicago Rowhouse

Chicago RowhouseImage: Window Dressings

Sitting area in kitchen features corner windows with transoms . Sheers and over draperies hung from hardware hidden in crown molding pockets offer light control and privacy when needed; the over drapery fabric is super functional- it’s outdoor fabric by Perennials.

3. White Lake

White LakeImage: Francesca Owings Interior Design

The television by the fireplace sure is stunning! Having a lovely living and dining room is an additional plus for this home!

4. Contemporary Private Residence Palm Beach County

Beach County

Image: Interiors by Steven G

This Palm Beach residence sure is heavenly. Look at the furniture and decor that this place have.

5. South Miami Townhouse

South MiamiImage: Touzet Studio

Love the floating shelves and color palette of this Miami home.

6. Kitchen | Classic Transitional

Classic TransitionalImage: SplashworksKB

Custom units were built to incorporate a 60″ flat screen TV. Look at the stunning window treatment, pendant light and the dining room set.

7. London Flat

London Flat

Image: Aspiring Kennedy

This is the digital age, after all – you might as well take advantage of it! Connect with friends and family through video chats and social media, if you like. But remember, connecting with long-distance loved ones should be a nice treat, not a substitute for getting out there and building a satisfying and interesting life in your new locale.

8. London Transitional Dining Room

Transitional DiningImage: Leivars

We see a wonderful flat screen TV inserted in the accent wall which makes this entire space fancy and rich.

9. Max

Montagne ArtImage: Montagne Art

Barn wood accent wall and dining table complement well with the stunning flooring. The Lucite chairs blend well with the wood too!

10. Mediterranean Dining Room in Toscana

in Toscana

Image: Urban Arena

The wooden long table in this dining room is superb! Fun and unique chairs complement the table.

11. Orange County Dining Room

Interior ArtImage: Interior Art

The stone and size of the fireplace. We could remove the drywall from the top half and use exposed black stove pipe only.

12. Peak 8 Penthouse

Peak 8Image: New Mood Design

A custom-designed chandelier with ocher-colored onyx pendants suits the dining room furnishings and space layout. Matching onyx sconces grace the window-wall behind the table.

13. Penthouse at Meridian Crescent

Meridian Crescent

Image: FORMA Design

The custom millwork wall houses the flat screen TV monitor, while accommodating all the AV equipment, coat closet and DVD/CD storage, as well as halogen lighting that lights the art wall. The two-tone design blends the two different species of woods appearing through the house and complements the dining room table and chairs.

14. St. Petersburg Place

St PetersburgImage: Nila Design

Be astonished at the curved shelves on built in bookcases in this London contemporary dining room.

15. Stolp Family Home

Sarah GreenmanImage: Sarah Greenman

The Stolps bought many of the furnishings online. “Cindy is not afraid of having furniture shipped,” James says.

16. Timeless Lake Minnetonka

Timeless Lake

Image: Denali Custom Homes, Inc.

While the kitchen is my favorite room in a home, this nautical design could easily be carried over into the kitchen set up.

17. Tramway

Vibe DesignImage: Vibe Design Group

The unusual shaped site in Beaumaris, triggered an innovative design response by Vibe Design; unique in both shape and form. Inspired by the client’s involvement with motorsport, Vibe created a modern facade, referencing the feel of the track.

18. Vancouver Contemporary Townhouse

Effortless ElectronicsImage: Effortless Electronics Inc.

The panel slides in front of the screen to hide the TV when not in use. Media equipment is in the cabinet to the left of the TV. Speakers are in the ceiling.

19. West London Flat

West London

Image: Gramlick Designs

Here is a simple dining area with a simple flat screen TV added above the mantle.

20. West Vancouver Suite Escape

Suite EscapeImage: My House Design Build

Glulam beam and matching structural post cleverly integrated into island. Multipurpose work space including bar area, pantry, desk, laptop work space, TV seamlessly integrated into millwork.

So what do you think about the list above? You can also add a flat screen television in bedroom spaces or in other areas where we want to get some entertainment. If you enjoyed other lists here on Home Design Lover, this list sure has been more fun because this is something we usually see when we visit a house. More to come on Home Design Lover!


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