20 Fun & Simple DIY Crafts for Kids

Keep Your Little Ones Busy For Hours With These DIY Crafts For KidsIf you’re looking for easy kids crafts that don’t use many supplies, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve put together 20 fun kids-friendly craft ideas that are inexpensive, easy, and great for all age groups. Most of these crafts projects use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, paper, cardboard, boxes, crayons, paint, glue, etc.

1. Paper Plate Shark

Paper Plate Shark

(Tutorial via Almost Unschoolers)

2. Polka Dot Slime

Polka Dot Slime

(Tutorial via Fun at Home with Kids)

3. DIY Key Wind Chime

DIY Key Wind Chime

(Tutorial via Inner Child Fun)

4. Sandy Handprint Keepsake

Sandy Handprint Keepsake

Tutorial via Crafting a Green World)

5. Fun & Easy Bottle Cap Bug Craft

Fun & Easy Bottle Cap Bug Craft

(Tutorial via Paging Fun Mums)

6. Homemade Hawaiian Leis

Homemade Hawaiian Leis

(Tutorial via The Crafting Chicks)

7. Airplane Clothespin

Airplane Clothespin

(Tutorial via DIY Inspired)

8. Painted Garden Flowers

Painted Garden Flowers

(Tutorial via The Girl Creative)

9. Paper Dream Catchers

Paper Dream Catchers

(Tutorial via The Craft Train)

10. Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs

Styrofoam Cup Sea Crabs

(Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda)

11. Simple Beaded Snakes

Simple Beaded Snakes

(Tutorial via Gift of Curiosity)

12. Coffee Filter Umbrellas

Coffee Filter Umbrellas

(Tutorial via Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles)

13. Flower Prints from Soda Bottles

Flower Prints from Soda Bottles

(Tutorial via Inner Child Fun)

14. DIY Paper Kite

DIY Paper Kite

(Tutorial via Instructables)

15. Crazy Feathered Parrots

Crazy Feathered Parrots

(Tutorial via Little Page Turners)

16. Cotton Ball and Yarn Rainbow

Cotton Ball and Yarn Rainbow

(Tutorial via Raising My Two Girls)

17. Paper Sunshine

Paper Sunshine

(Tutorial via One Charming Party)

18. Garden Rock Caterpillar

Garden Rock Caterpillar

(Tutorial via NellieBellie)

19. Sea Shell Turtle

Sea Shell Turtle

(Tutorial via The Chirping Moms)

20. Egg Carton Sail Boat

Egg Carton Sail Boat

(Tutorial via Life at the Zoo)




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