Most people toss their old things, sell them at yard sales, or store them somewhere in the garage. But with a little imagination you can turn your trash into something new and useful for your home. In this post you will find a lot of clever ideas of reusing your old teacups, tin cans, dish rack, eyeglass case, dessert tray, and many other things that you think you should throw away. So get creative and create some of these amazing DIY projects!

21 Amazing Ways To Upgrade Your Boring Everyday Items Into Something Creative

1. Teacup Planters

Teacup Planters

Create a unique and fun garden using vintage teacups. (Photo via The Inspired Room)

2. Colander Planter

Colander Planter

Turn an old colander into a chic hanging planter. The holes provide decoration and also practical drainage. (Photo via The Micro Gardener)

3. High Functioning Coat Hooks

High Functioning Coat Hooks

Use those empty tin cans as a cheap and cheerful way to increase storage in your entryway or mudroom. (Tutorial: Instructables)

4. Turn Adult Socks Into Toddler Pants

Turn Adult Socks Into Toddler Pants

How cool is this? Adult socks can find a new use as pants for your little one. (Tutorial: Sew 4 Bub)

5. Unused Dish Rack as a Handy File Folder

Unused Dish Rack as a Handy File Folder

Great idea for organize file folders on your desk. (Photo via: Cozy Little House)

6. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

Re-purpose a tiered dessert tray to hold and display jewelry, accessories. (Photo via Sweet Peas & Stilettos)



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