Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside of a rock? What about an egg? People all over the world have built magical homes that fit just their style. Some stick with bright and loud colors, while others live in cozy hideaways that camouflage with the surroundings. If you could build your ultimate dream house, what would it look like? Take a trip around the world and check out these 25 Wonderfully Unique Homes…


  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place 1 of 25
    On your next trip to Portugal make sure to take a second look at the rocks.
    Spotted at Home Design Latest.


  • Living in a Rainbow 2 of 25
    Katwise owns this wonderfully colorful home. I wonder how long it took to paint.
    Find out more at The Flying Tortoise.


  • Sleeping in an Egg 3 of 25
    Get a closer look into what it would be like to live inside an egg.
    Check it out at Dornob.


  • Living in a Playground 5 of 25
    These homes are all about being interactive and stimulating the senses.
    Find out more at Curious Places.


  • Once Upon a Time 6 of 25
    The roof of this home makes it look like something out of a fairytale.
    Find out more at Standout Cabin.


  • The Magic Lamp 7 of 25
    It would be hard not to make a wish when walking into this home.
    Spotted at Kitschy Living.


  • In the Forest 8 of 25
    Sleep a night away in this Humboldt treehouse.
    Find out more at Visualize Us.


  • Barbie’s Home 9 of 25
    Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie comes home to this brightly colored house.
    Find out more at Design Indulgence.


  • Sustainability All the Way 10 of 25
    Building a completely sustainable home from recycled materials was key for this design.
    Find out more at Earthship.


  • Stunning Floating Home 11 of 25
    Want to live by a lake? How about on it?
    See more pictures at Remodelista.


  • All Natural 15 of 25
    It is said that this tree always grows this way because it forms to where it can get shelter from the harsh winds.
    Find out more at This is Colossal.


  • It’s All About the Cube 16 of 25
    In Rotterdam you can find these unique cube shaped homes.
    See more at Hobor.


  • Nestled in the Rocks 23 of 25
    Check out this home nestled between two rocks the next time you’re in Brittany.
    Find out more at Standout Cabin.


  • Tucked in Tokyo 24 of 25
    A couple and their daughter live in this surprisingly spacious home in Tokyo.
    See more at Design Milk.


  • Listening to the Ocean 25 of 25
    Top off your trip to paradise by staying in the Seashell House.
    Find out more at Home Away.


















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