Looking for cheap and easy DIY christmas decorations? You can find numerous great items at your local dollar store, that can make your house beautiful and won’t break the bank! Here’s a great collection of inspiration to help you create pretty Christmas decor from a few simple dollar store items.

1. Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee filter wreath

It’s amazing such an ordinary item can be made into something so beautiful. (Tutorial: Our Prairie Home)

2. Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Christmas trees made out of: plastic spoons, small ornament balls, garland and with candy. Super cute and the best of all, all made for under $5 each. (Tutorial: One Project Closer)

3. Umbrella Christmas Tree

Umbrella Christmas Tree

Use mini umbrella to create this neat Christmas tree! (Via Casa Montada)

4. Dollar Store Christmas Tree of Presents

Dollar Store Christmas Tree of Presents

That is so adorable! Makes for a really nice centerpiece. (Tutorial: Thrifty Rebel Vintage)

5. Make a Salt Dough Snowman Family

Make a Salt Dough Snowman Family

These make good decorations as well as cute little gifts! (Tutorial: Dollar Store Crafts)



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