11. Door Decoration

Door Decoration

That is amazing! It doesn’t look like it came from the Dollar Tree, but it really is! (Tutorial: Purple Hues and Me)

12. Sparkly Snowflakes

Sparkly Snowflakes

Create these easy sparkly snowflakes for your front door. (Tutorial: The Craft in Me)

13. Beaded Garland Christmas Tree

Beaded Garland Christmas Tree

This decorated cone is very easy to make and looks pretty cute. Grab a styrofoam cone and glue on a strand of beads! (Tutorial: Mess for Less)

14. Wooden Snowman Spoons

Wooden Snowman Spoons

These lovely little spoon snowmen are the perfect way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays. (Tutorial: Eyeballs by Day Crafts by Night)

15. Jar Lid Ornaments

Jar Lid Ornaments

These easy Jar Lid Ornaments are the perfect for kids that want to make some fun Christmas ornaments. (Tutorial: No Time for Flash Cards)



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