16. Sock Wreath

Sock Wreath

Create a fun and colorful sock wreath using two pairs of striped tube stocks and a wreath base. (Tutorial: FaveCrafts)

17. Christmas Decorated Glass Containers

Christmas dDecorated Glass Containers

This project is super easy and take you less than 30 minutes to complete. (Tutorial: The Pink Flour)

18. Dollar Tree Christmas Plate

Dollar Tree Christmas Plate

This is adorable and would make a great gift too! (Tutorial: A Step in The Journey)

19. Ribbon and Christmas Bling

Ribbon and Christmas Bling

Decorate your ordinary vase with little ornaments. (Tutorial: Our Home away from Home)

20. Jingle Bell Plate

Jingle Bell Plate

How cute is this?! I love the bells around the plate – such a great idea! (Tutorial: Sweet Nothings)



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