Repurposing is a great way to create amazing decor for indoors and out, all from things that you can consider to be trash. There are so many creative ways you can turn your old stuff into something beautiful and useful like turning old suitcase into coffee table or cracked plates into works of art. Grab your broken household items laying around the house and take a look at the different ways that you can exploit to bring them back to life.

25 Creative Ways To Repurpose Old Stuff And Giving Them A New Life

1. Denim Pocket Organizer

denim pocket organizer

Create this fantastic and useful pocket organizer from your old jeans! (Tutorial: Pillar Box Blue)

2. Crates Storage

crates storage

Build a storage unite upcycling crates. Ideal for books or toys! (Tutorial: Ohoh Blog)

3. Spray Paint Can Pendant Lamp

Spray Paint Can Pendant Lamp

Turn an empty spray paint can into a cool pendant light for your work space! (Tutorial: Mad in Crafts)

4. Drawer Garden

Drawer Garden

Make a unique garden planter from an old dresser drawer. (Tutorial: An Aiming High Wife)

5. Plastic Bottle Scoop

Plastic Bottle Scoop

Wondering what to do with plastic milk containers? Make a handy scoop. (Tutorial: The Chilly Dog)

6. Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Make this stunning air plant coffee pot terrarium. Perfect addition to any office desk or small indoor space needing a pop of greenery. (Tutorial: A Charming Project)

7. Wine Cork Vases

Wine Cork Vases

If you have some wine corks, use them to create these marvelous vases as holiday decor or gifts. (Tutorial: Design Improvised)

8. Mini Gardens In Vintage Tins

Mini Gardens In Vintage Tins

Create a collection of mini gardens by using vintage tins and tiny succulents. (Tutorial: Homeology Modern Vintage)

9. Tin Lamp

tin lamp

Make this fun lamp out of an old vintage cookie tin in under an hour! (Tutorial: My So Called Crafty Life)

10. Umbrella Handle Hook

umbrella handle hook

Never throw out an old umbrella again, repurpose it into this fantastic and useful hook. (Tutorial: Upstyler)

11. Plants in Boots

plants in boots

Use old rubber boots as plant pots. A lovely piece for the garden or hallway! (Tutorial: Kittenhood)

12. Art with Cracked Plates

Art with Cracked Plates

Turn those broken or cracked plates into art that you can display on your kitchen or dining room wall. (Tutorial: Home Life)

13. Desk from a Broken Table

Desk from a Broken Table

Use table that is scratched or otherwise damaged to create gorgeous wall desk that are sure to be a hit at your home. (Tutorial: Migonis Home)

14. Broken Chair As Swing

Broken Chair As Swing

A chair that is utterly useless in the dining room, can be transformed into a swing. (Tutorial: This DIY Life)

15. Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack

Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack

Create a turntable type rack from bicycle wheel so your pots and pans will always be easy to access. (Via 813fort)



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