There are two spaces within the home that are incredibly easy to decorate, can change with the seasons, and make a huge impact. The first space is your mantel (click here to find out how to decorate a mantel) and the second space is your front door! While everyone appreciates a pretty wreath on the front door, sometimes you want to go beyond the wreath and decorate that door with something fresh and unique. Today I’m sharing 36 creative front door decor ideas that are NOT a wreath.

Rain boot, Umbrella, and Watering Can Vase Door Decor Ideas

These next door decor ideas are perfect for spring! Collect your kids’ old rain boots, an umbrella, or a watering can along with faux flowers and ribbon. Place your faux flowers inside your container and secure a ribbon as an embellishment or hanger. Hang your door decor using a wreath hanger or command strips.

1. Refresh Restyle  2. Every Day is an Occasion 3. Random Thoughts 4. Midwest Living 5. Create with Rebecca 6. Aiken House & Gardens 7. Holly’s Stamping Addiction

Letter Monogram Door Decor

Monograms are a fun way of paying homage to your family name! Giant letter monograms have been on trend for at least the last five years, and I still love the way they look. To make your own, you can either purchase an oversized letter from a craft store or you can cut one out using a pattern, piece of hardboard (or even foam board), and a jigsaw. Cover your letter with whatever creative medium you have on hand—moss, twine, fabric, buttons, sea glass, shells, or paint. I love Teal & Lime’s DIY Marquee letter (number 3) below. Click on the numbered links below each picture to be taken to the original source.

1. Church for Wedding 2. Ladeedahart 3. Teal and Lime 4. Via 5. Two Twenty One

Chalkboard Sign Door Decor

Painting the interior of a tray, frame, or cupboard door with chalkboard paint makes a unique and functional door decor sign. Fill your chalkboard with an inspiring quote, welcome message, monogram, or your house numbers. I love this idea because you can change up your sign frequently to fit the season or your mood. I have a fiend who writes, “Shhhhhhh….baby sleeping!” on her sign to ward off solicitors and unwanted door bell ringers. 🙂

1. A Diamond in the Stuff 2. Love & Life at Leadora  3. Robin’s Nesting Place 4. Holly’s Stamping Addiction 5. Simply Salvage

Flower Basket Door Decor

Flower door baskets look absolutely gorgeous when filled with fresh flowers and foliage! Faux flowers are of course more practical but can tricky to work with to achieve a realistic look. If you decide to use faux flowers, consider using faux flowering branches which tend to look more realistic.

1. Elizabeth Ann Designs 2. Southern Hospitality 3. Petal Talk  4. Back40life  5. Gold Shoe Girl 6. The Creativity Exchange 7. Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Empty Picture Frame Door Decor

Have an empty picture frame in the attic or basement? Why not decorate it and place it on the front door? I love this idea because it’s easy, versatile, and economical. Empty frames can be embellished with craft supplies you have around the house such as scrapbook paper, faux flowers,  fabric flowers or even dried flowers.  I also love the idea of attaching instagram photos of perhaps pretty scenery or places you’ve been within the frame. To do so, attach eye hooks on either side of the frame and run picture wire or beading wire between the eye hooks. Print out your square pictures and attach them to the wire using mini clothespins. For safety reasons, I wouldn’t place pictures of family members on the outside of your door.

1. The Whimsical Lady 2. The Diary of Dave’s Wife 3. Tatertots & Jello 4. East Coast Creative 5. The Bold Abode 6. Christina’s Adventures 7. Delia Creates

Quirky Wood Cut Out Door Decor

If the ideas presented so far haven’t struck a chord with you, then you might be the type of person who craves something a bit more out-of-the-box! How about a painted wooden cut out  in the shape of a wiener dog, a giant  flip-flop, or maybe a polka dot crab? To make these door hangers you will need a pattern, a piece of hardboard, a jigsaw, and some paint. I LOVE those wood tags (number 5) by Jaime from That’s My Letter. Wouldn’t those look cute as chalkboard tags?

1. All Roads Lead Home 2. Loo Leighs Charm  3. Carolina Moon Crafts 4. Dixie Delights  5. That’s My Letter

I hope these ideas have helped you think beyond the wreath and have your creative juices flowing! Which ideas are your favorites? Any that you want to try? Tell me about it in the comments!


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