Autumn Frost Hosta is one of my favorite hostas.  The leaves have blue centers and wide yellow margins around the edge.  By Summer time, the margins will turn a creamy white. It’s a hardy perennial and comes back year after year.

Autumn Frost Hosta

Autumn Frost Hosta is an easy to grow Plant for Shady Spot.

Hostas make great accent plants for shady garden borders. Most of them flower, but the flower is insignificant and not the reason for the appeal of the plants.  Most gardeners grow these beauties for the colorful leaves.  They had splashes of accent color anywhere you grow them.  Not all are variegated. Some have plain colored leaves like this Hosta Royal Standard.

Royal standard hosta

Autumn Frost hosta is a moderate grower and has thick leaves.  Thick leaves are great news because it means the plant is less likely to be bothered by slugs which are a common problem for hostas.

It sends out spikes of lavender flowers on 12 – 15″ stems in late spring.

Growing Autumn Frost Hosta is easy

  • Part Shade. I have my plant growing in a west facing border under the shade of large trees. It gets a bit of morning sun and grows beautifully
  • It grows 12-16 inches tall and 20 – 24 inches wide so space other plants accordingly.
  • Cold zones 3 to 8
  • Heat zones 8 to 1.

Divide Autumn Frost Hosta when it gets too large and be sure to add compost to the hole when you first plant it.  Make the hole larger than the plant ball and gently release the roots so they will grow outward.

Shade garden bed

I have a large group of hostas growing in my shade garden.  They were planted fairly wide apart several years ago but make a lush garden bed now. Time to start dividing I think! See them and 20 plants for a shade garden here.

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