Backyard Retreat Ideas to Inspire You.Back yard retreat areas to inspire.

These backyard retreat ideas are perfect for a lazy day.  From a simple stone chair to a lavishly planted shady nook, these are all my idea of a great backyard retreat.

Patch a bare spot in your yardBefore you can get too far into the inspiration spaces, you will need to look around at your yard. Does it have bare spots?  If it does, then it needs some repair before you can position your retreat areas. See how to patch a bare spot in your yard at Pretty Handy Girl.

backyard retreat ideas stone chairThis DIY stone chair tops the list of my favorites. It’s big enough to curl up in!  I would add an outdoor cushion and would spend the afternoon with my favorite book.  I just love it.  Source:  Carolyn’s Shade Gardens

hammock retreatI don’t have trees that are close enough to put a hammock in my back yard, so I always drool when I see a setting like this.  My sister has a hammock on her deck and it’s a favorite place to lounge. Source: Visualize Us

backyard retreat ideasThis gorgeous purple park bench is the perfect addition to this lovely shade garden with walk way.  I have a park bench almost the same but it is more out in the sun. This one suits the dimly lit area beautifully.  Source: Healing Soul Streams.  

cottage chicLovely cottage chic effect with a small distressed dresser and table setting. Perfect for morning brunch. Most of the decor could be obtained from yard sales too, so it would not cost too much to make. Source:  Home Designing

tree patioThis neat patio has been made with the exiting trees. Great shade and a perfect place to relax.   And so great that the trees didn’t come down! Source:  Flickr

back yard retreat ideasAnd finally, a cozy get away with a few plants and an outdoor sofa. Great place to read. Source Your Nest Design. 

Fountain made from slabsDo you like the idea of a water feature? Try this DIY Fountain made from Slabs.

What is your idea of a backyard retreat?  Please leave your comments below.


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