What do you do when you want a greenhouse but don’t want to spend a fortune to make it happen?

Hit up Craigslist. And that’s just what Jason Ellis of Rock Hill, South Carolina did.

Build a Greenhouse Out of Free Pallet Racking

He found some free pallet racking and put it to use, converting it into the framework of a spectacular DIY greenhouse. Pallet racking is the metal framework that pallets are stored on in warehouses – similar to giant sized shelving.

Growing seedlings in the pallet rack greenhouse.

And they fit together like a giant erector set.

And better yet, they often available on Craigslist for free, or for a small fee.

Assembling the pallet racking | Gardener's Path

What about the rest of materials? Jason found free or nearly free on many of these materials as well.

Building the pallet rack greenhouse | Gardener's Path

He purchased a bunch of old, early 1900s single pane windows for $8 each, from a window installer who had removed them from an old Wells Fargo bank.

Both rustic charm and cheap glazing in one fell swoop.

Construction of the pallet rack greenhouse | Gardener's Path

Other materials, such as doors and smaller windows, were also found for free.

Jason only had to purchase a little extra wood, screws, caulk, and exterior paint that was on clearance for $5.

Little girls helping to build the pallet rack greenhouse | Gardener's Path

Even his siding was free. He had some old pallets that were weathering for about year to obtain that rustic patina that we all love.

Jason decided 8′ x 9′ was large enough, but he has enough pallet racking to double the size of the structure if he wants.

Jason, his wife, and kids slowly assembled this structure over the course of a few weeks, and although he professes to be a novice carpenter, we think he did a heck of a job.

Pallet racks rabbit cages | Gardener's Path

Pallet rack rabbit cages.

As a bonus, the couple were able to use some of the extra pallets as stands for rabbit cages as well.

Jason also states that he’s never seen anyone repurpose pallet racking in such a manner – and neither have we!

Finished green house | Gardener's Path

Looking for even more inspiration? Be sure check out these other great ideas for DIY greenhouse builds.

Have you built a low cost greenhouse out of free or nearly free materials? Let s know in the comments below!

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Do you want a greenhouse but don't want to spend a whole lot? If so, check out this great build now. Free pallet racks and other repurposed materials make this one cheap build!

Photos by Jason Ellis. Used with permission.


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