Get out your extra paper plates and turn them into something fun for Christmas time! It always amazes me what people think of so today I rounded up my favorite Christmas paper plate crafts that the kids can make!


…love him.

and his crafty pre-school teacher, who keeps coming up with FABULOUS projects that make cute pics for my Project Life weekly spreads.


Happy Tuesday my friends! Let’s get in the Christmas spirit today – shall we?!

Today’s Paper Plate Christmas Wreath kid friendly post is super simple, really festive and made with tons of glue & of course – tons of love as well!!!

Our Paper Plate Christmas Wreath tutorial is absolutely PERFECT for an afternoon holiday craft for children of ALL ages.

As always – the supplies are inexpensive {just how we like it around here on Glued To My Crafts!} and the end result makes for am awesome decoration piece, as well as keepsake since it has cute little handprints incorporated in it as well!

So find the full step-by-step tutorial below! Happy crafting, my lovely friends!!!

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath Supplies:

* Large Paper Plate
* Green Crepe Paper and/or Tissue Paper {affiliate link}
* Scissors
* Red Pom Poms
* Red Colored Cardstock
* School Glue
* Marker/Pencil
* Stapler


* First cut the center of your paper plate out, leaving a ring for the wreath. Discard the center of the paper plate.
* Next you {or your child} should tear/cut up the green crepe paper into squares.
* Now put a good layer of glue all around the the paper plate ring. Have your child place the crepe paper squares on it, until it’s completely covered.* Once that is done, have them glue some red pom poms all over the wreath. Set aside to let it dry completely.
* While that is drying, trace your child’s hands on the red cardstock. Trim those trace-outs out and staple them together to look like a bow.
* Once completely dry, staple on the “bow” to the front of the Christmas wreath and display the finished piece proudly for ALL to see!



If you are a regular around here, you know how much I love Paper Plate Crafts! We made this Paper Plate Christmas TreeCraft to start out our holiday crafting and added a bit of learning skills into it with some lacing practice. I love how the ridge of the paper plate gives the paper plate Christmas tree craft some added texture.


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    • paper plate
    • green acrylic paint
    • paint brush
    • scissors
    • hole punch
    • ribbon or yarn
    • tape
    • stapler
    • brown cardstock paper or brown foam sheet
    • star foam sticker
    • sequins, small poms or embellishments
    • glue


1. Start by painting your paper plate green. Let it dry completely.

2. When your paper plate is dry, cut it into thirds, then cut one of the section a bit smaller. When you layer them together with the smallest one on top, you have a Christmas Tree shape.

3. Use your hole punch to punch six (6) holes across the bottom of each paper plate section.

4. Cut a 12-inch section of ribbon for each paper plate section and lace them through the holes.  Start by bringing the ribbon up from the back of the paper plate into the first hole and then continue through the holes, finishing with the excess ribbon hanging off the back of the paper plate.

5. Tape the excess pieces of ribbon to the back of the paper plate to hold them in place.

6. When you are finished lacing all your pieces, use a stapler to staple them together into your Christmas tree.

7. Finish you paper plate Christmas tree craft by stapling (or gluing) on a brown tree stump cut out from your brown paper and adding a foam star sticker at the top.

8. Glue on any sequin or embellishments that you would like to decorate your paper plate Christmas Tree craft. Such a beautiful piece of artwork to display for the holiday!

Looking for more fun paper plate Christmas crafts? You’ll love this cute paper plate Santa craft or this darling paper plate reindeer craft. Or do you have Grinch fans? They’ll love this fun paper plate Grinch craft.

Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids
















Materials Needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Brown paint
  • Brown and red paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Red glitter


Have the kids paint their paper plate with brown paint and let dry.


Cut the paper plate in half and a triangle piece from the leftovers. Trace your child’s hand on the brown paper and cut them out to be the antlers.


Tape or glue the pieces together and sprinkle glitter on a red circle for Rudolph’s shiny nose.

Paper Plate Cow Valentine Craft for Kids

To go along with my heart shaped animal series, we made a paper plate heart cow today! It’s easy for kids to make and involves cutting/gluing practice.



















Materials Needed:

  • Black and pink paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate













Start by cutting out the cow’s nose, ears, and spots. Glue the spots on the paper plate first (we made them into rounded heart shapes).















Glue the pieces onto the plate and draw a smile! So cute!

Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids to Make at Christmas

Funny story about these little elves, we started crafting to make santa clause but the girls changed their mind and wanted to make elves! Therefore we have a santa belly and an elf hat. To make it better you could add elf ears or santa’s white beard. This takes quite a bit of prepping so be prepared to help the kiddos!


Materials Needed:

  • Card stock paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate
  • Tissue paper


Have the kids cover a paper plate with glue (using a wide paintbrush) and stick on cut up pieces of red tissue paper. Cut out an elf hat shape and have them cover that as well.


Make some belt pieces and glue it over the elves bellies. Make a circle for the elves head and have them paint it a tan color.


Cut out some shoes, mittens, and eyes for the elves. Tape each piece together really well on the back and the front. The bigger elf was really heavy so it kept bending backwards but it looked great hanging up in the window!


Easy Paper Plate Angel Craft for Kids

Make some pretty little angels for a Christmas craft with your kids! It is super easy and they can customize them to look like themselves. I think silver glitter angels would be beautiful as well.


Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Gold glitter
  • Paper
  • Gold sparkly pipe cleaner
  • Tape/Glue
  • Sharpie/Pink Crayon


Start by cutting a deep triangle out of a white paper plate. Put lines of glue all around the plate and shake gold glitter on it. Cut out the angel’s face, then add facial features, hair and the hands. Bend a gold pipe cleaner to look like a halo and tape it to the back of the head. It’s easiest to tape the bottom part of the plate on. Add some rosy pink cheeks and you’re done!

Paper Plate Rhino Craft for Kids

Yesterday I came across a brilliant craft idea made with a paper plate – a RHINO! Thanks to LoveandLollipops for letting me share with you guys! This would be fun if you are learning about animals in the zoo or Africa!


Materials Needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Grey, black, and white paper
  • Grey paint (we mixed white and black)
  • Scissors/Glue


Start by cutting the paper plate into a rhino’s face shape then have the kids paint it. While that dries, cut out some ears, tusks, eyes, etc. with the paper.


Glue all the pieces on and you’ve got yourself an awesome rhinoceros!

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft For Kids

This paper plate giraffe was super fun to make! You could make one for a zoo theme unit or if you’re just learning about giraffes. You could also make the paper plate into a giraffe mask for the kids if you just punch out the eyes instead! It turned out so cute!















For this art project you will need a paper plate, yellow/brown paint, a black marker, yellow/white construction paper, scissors, glue, and a paint brush.















Have the kids paint the whole paper plate with yellow paint, covering every white spot!














After the yellow paint dries, have them paint brown spots all over with paint.















Take some yellow construction paper and cut out a nose, ears, eyes, etc.















Glue them on the paper plate and then you have an adorable giraffe craft!












We brought the giraffe outside to play on the playground! 🙂


Sometimes I find that we are doing a lot of “flat” projects – cards, paintings, etc.

And while there are plenty of amazing and fun projects that are flat, it’s can be fun to take things up a notch.

Enter this 3-D paper plate Christmas tree. This Christmas craft is easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies you need.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.


Paper plate (1 per tree)
Clear tape
Green paint
Glue (either school glue, pva glue, or Tacky Glue)
Multicolored pom poms*

*Note: While I love the look of the pom poms, don’t let a lack of these stop you from doing this project. Stickers,beads, gems, buttons, or sequins also work. Use what you have on hand.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.


In order to make the cone shape, you will need to cut a chunk out of your paper plate.

Find the center and cut out a wedge. We cut out an entire quarter of our plate.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.











Roll the plate into a cone shape and seal with tape.

Since you will be painting the cones, keep all the tape on the inside. I made little rolls of tape and used that to hold down the outer flap down.

If you find you need tape on the outside, wait until your paint is dry before taping it down.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.











Paint your cone green. While it will work to paint your plate before making the cone, I’ve always found that my girls loved the idea of painting on the cone shape. Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and paint on a different shaped object.

After the paint dries, glue on all your pom poms. We had a bag full of pom poms and thought they were a fun addition. We also thought our trees looked a lot like party hats!

Special note about the glue: We had great success with regular school glue (pva glue), but if it doesn’t work for you, use Tacky Glue or a low-heat glue gun. 

Have fun decorating and don’t hold tight to the pom pom suggestion. If your kids have another suggestion, let them go for it. It’s all in the process and not the finished product.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.
















When you’re done, find a fun place to display your cute mini paper plate Christmas tree. Our kid-made decorations are some of my favorites.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration.











If you enjoyed this Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft, the above photo is perfect for sharing on Facebook or you can save the photo below on Pinterest.

Make this fun and colorful Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft for kids or make several for a perfect kid-made Christmas decoration. #Christmas #kidscraft #CreativeFamilyFun

























Cute Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids

We actually made this adorable paper plate snowman before but I used my old camera phone and it was a horrible picture! This is one of my favorite kids crafts to make in the winter time!


Materials Needed:

  • 2 Paper plates
  • Black, orange, purple, and yellow paper
  • Glue/Tape
  • Scissors
  • Big googly eyes


Start by flipping one plate over and taping it to another plate that is facing up. We put 4 strips on the back and then rolled up some pieces of tape to put in the front so it would stay. Cut out some buttons, a nose, mittens, a scarf, and boots with paper.


Glue or tape the pieces together like above and add some googly eyes! Finish off Mr. Snowman with a grin 🙂


Paper Plate Frosty the Snowman Craft

Today we created a paper plate Frosty the snowman craft! We used glitter to make it look like he was glistening in the snow! This art project can be made by any age with guidance and hand-made templates.


Materials Needed:

  • Glue
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Orange, black, pink, blue, and brown paper
  • Black marker
  • Glitter


Start by flipping a paper plate over and drawing some eyes and a happy mouth with a marker. Spread glue all around those parts and sprinkle with white glitter.


Glue on a paper carrot nose, pipe, hat, and a little flower to complete Frosty! Great little winter activity for the kiddos.

S is for Snowman Winter Craft for Kids

Today we wanted to focus on the letter “S” so we made it into a snowman craft! It is pretty easy for preschoolers or Kindergartners to make as long as they get some guidance. This is a great alphabet art project for winter or Christmas time.


Materials Needed:

  • White, black, orange, brown, and blue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printable letter S sheet
















Print or free-draw the letter S and cut it out on white card stock paper. Cut out all the snowman’s parts: face, nose, eyes, buttons, hat, etc. and glue them on. Add some brown twigs for arms and you’ve got yourself a cute snowman.

O is for Olaf – Winter Alphabet Craft for Kids

If your kiddos love the movie Frozen, consider making the letter O with Olaf in the middle! It’s a great activity for Kindergartners or preschoolers if you help cut out the parts for them. I would make a master template so they could trace and cut for practice.


Materials Needed:

  • White, brown, green, and orange paper
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Start by cutting out an “O” with white paper and glue it to a piece of green paper. Then cut out all Olaf’s body parts to stick on!














Teach your kids that Olaf starts with an “O” and have fun!

I had so much fun finding winter and Christmas themed letter crafts that kids can make! These are fabulous ideas for preschoolers and kindergartners to create since they are learning their alphabet. You can see how each art project is made by clicking on the links below the photos


a-b-c-d-winter-christmas-letter-crafts-for-kids e-f-g-h-christmas-winter-letter-crafts i-j-k-l-holiday-letter-crafts-for-kids m-n-o-p-winter-letter-crafts-for-kidsq-r-s-t-holiday-winter-letter-crafts u-v-w-x-winter-holiday-letter-crafts y-z-alphabet-holiday-letter-crafts

DIY Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Today we made some snowmen out of empty toilet paper rolls! It was pretty fun and I think he turned out quite cute 🙂 This is a very cheap and easy craft for the kids to do! You can add anything extra, be creative!
Materials Needed:
-Toilet paper roll
–White and orange paper
–Black marker
–Red/silver ribbon
–Red tissue paper
-2 Q-tips
snowman toilet paper roll kids craft

Start by gluing the white piece of paper to the toilet paper roll. Draw some eyes and a mouth. Cut out a little carrot nose out of orange paper and glue it on.

snowman toilet paper roll craft
Cut a piece of red tissue paper to be the snowman’s hat.
Wrap it around the top of the tube and tape it in the back. Tie it in the middle with a ribbon to make it look like a hat. Add some silver ribbon around the tube to make it look like a scarf (if you have fabric it’d be cute too but I didn’t have any!) Then add three buttons with black marker. I poked two holes in the side of the snowman and stuck Q-tips in to make the arms.
snowman toilet paper roll craft
There you have it! An adorable snowman craft for kids to make!


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